• Dried Reeds

    The band ‘Dried Reeds’ started playing together in the autumn of 2020. In the midst of the corona period, the ‘dry period’, where all concerts were canceled, the band members felt the urge to come together and create something new. This unique ensemble, composed of two saxophones, bass, and drums, with the lack of a harmonic instrument, gives its members the freedom to explore melodic lines that evolve from Bird to Dolphy. The band's original compositions create a sense of urgency, keeping the elements of stress and surprise. Melodies turn into baroque-like duets, which then turn into explosive solos. Energetic grooves naturally morph into delicate rhythms, with the sole purpose of serving the intensity of their music.
    Guy Sion - Alto Sax
    Børge-Are Halvorsen - Tenor Sax
    Alexander Hoholm - Bass
    Emil Norman - Drums

    Brother 5 

    From the release concert of my album 'Away'

    Cannonball 5 Tribute

    Live at Herr Nilsen 01.02.2017
    Guy Sion - Alto Saxophone
    Roy Nikolaisen - Trompet
    Lorenzo Nardocci - Piano
    Andreas Dreier - Bass
    Tom Olstad - Drums

    Where Birds Groove

    I shot these videos during the summer 2013, mostly in the south of Norway. They feature the beautiful sights of Vrengen, Arendal and the way through the Reddal Canal. What a great summer!
    Coming back to Oslo, I experimented with composing background music to the videos. This is my first attempt at doing something like this and here's the result. 

    Sharing a solo with the amazing Chick Corea

    Made in Corea w. Chick Corea - Central Park

    I was fortunate enough to share the stage with Chick Corea during two concerts in Lillestrøm, Norway (June 2019).

    Harmonic interaction for monophonic instruments through musical phrase to scale recognition

    A video describing my Master's thesis project.
    For more information please check out the related blog.